4 Types of Bias Women Still Face at Work

Huffpo published an article which highlights the 4 Types of Bias Women Still Face at Work, lets take a look:

1. The Tightrope, in which professional women are seen as too weak or too assertive — and in response, must try to balance between the two.

Yes because men never have to struggle with being nice and forgiving and being ‘mean’ and forceful. Only women have to balance things, men can do whatever they want. men can go around calling everyone dipshits and flipping everyone off and no one cares because penis.

2.Prove it Again, in which women are held to a higher standard than men and must continually prove themselves. Women are promoted on performance, while men are promoted on potential.

How do you see this potential without seeing performance? You think someone see’s potential in a person because they have a penis? No, they see potential because they have done a damn good job. How did they see that person did a damn good job? That person continually proved themselves. Again thinking this is something that only women experience is simply narcissistic.

3. Maternal Wall, in which women are expected to lose their career focus once they have kids.

Women aren’t expected to lose their career focus, it is expected that women will lose their career focus. Subtle difference but the first one is basically societal/cultural pressure telling a woman “you better lose focus on your career” while the second one is an observation that in most cases women chose to focus on their kids instead.

4. Tug-of-War, in which women are harder on other women than men are.

“Dem menz are keepin us wimminz downses PATRIARCHY GLASS CEILING DISCRIMINATION PAY GAP”
“ohmigawd why are women so hard on other women!”

In reality men bosses are easier on women and hold men to higher standards while women bosses hold other women to the same standards as men.
Men are biased in women’s favour in many cases, not expecting them to do the hard work, not requiring the same standard of performance as male employees, not expecting the same level of commitment. Due to all of these things women are able to hold jobs and basically not work but get paid all the same. This mostly happens in lower fields like retail and food services rather than actual ‘professions’ where this same attitude which women EXPLOIT backfires into women not being taken as seriously especially by other women who are fully aware of their manipulations and games. Of course if they work hard and are genuinely good at their job then there’s no problem with male or female bosses, productivity speaks for itself in the world of business.


Feminists and a great deal of women in general due to decades of feminist lies look at typical workplace struggles like “having to prove yourself” and needing to cater your personality for your job requirements as struggles only women face when in reality they are struggles everyone faces, they are the everyday things we all deal with at work. Balancing between being assertive and ‘weak'(aka too nice) is a struggle every manager faces, you can’t allow employees to walk all over you but you can’t just be a total hard ass and destroy morale which damages productivity and increases employee turnover. Prove it again, and again, and again; something everyone does when they want to advance, prove yourself over and over until your boss says ‘good job’ and throws you a bone, everyone deals with it. The maternal wall is an actual problem women face but isn’t a problem to be ‘fixed’ by legislation or any sort of activism, it’s a problem for individual women to talk to their bosses/co-workers and actually act like people and sort out such concerns. The ‘tug of war’ is where the cultural and partly biological bias of men treating women better than men becomes an entitlement and when it’s removed by having a female boss and therefore equal treatment it feels like discrimination.

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6 responses to “4 Types of Bias Women Still Face at Work”

  1. navigator1965 says :

    Doesn’t #4 completely undermine the whole concept of men and society being the sole agencies of women’s oppression?

  2. genderneutrallanguage says :

    I’ve been banned from AVFM for being “To misandric and Gynocentric”. That site really has some issues. You did post a link to my blog on the fourms, so I go look every once in a while. Textra posted something that deserves a response.

    The language used does very much continue the perception that men are actors and women are objects by describing the act of sex with an action for men, penetration, and an action preformed on women, penetrated. I used this language in “40% of Rapists are Women” not because it is fundamentally accurate in its denotations or connotations, but because it is the language used in the study. What women do durring sex is envelope, but this is not the language used by the CDC and changing wording would confuse people.

    It is the single agent problem that Reyeko linked. To talk in a way that I would be understood I could talk about the issue of objectifying language or I could talk about the bias in the definition. Trying to address both at the same time would have made the post convoluted and unreadable.

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