Feminism and Fedoras

Feminists have taken to implying that men’s rights activists wear fedoras. First some history of the fedora thing:

It began as a 4chan meme where people with autism or other social impairments wore fedoras because they thought it would make them look cool and 4chan folks would make fun of them for being autistic.


So what we have going on is feminists making fun of people with autism and other social impairments(aspergers, learning disabilities, etc…) and making fun of MRAs calling us stupid and other more colorful names with the implication that we are autistic or otherwise socially impaired.

Feminists take the politically correct to an extreme, even going so far as to claim that saying the word ‘retard’ is ‘able privilege’, but when it comes to their use of such behavior it’s all good. They see no problem with shaming people with social impairments, people who often spend their entire childhood being bullied and struggle in life due to their inability to connect and establish relationships. feminists have no problem with using those people’s experience as a bludgeon against MRAs to mock us and denigrate our issues.

Whether or not they know about the memes connection to autism is irrelevant, the connotations are connected to social ineptness and the characteristics typical of the autistic and socially disordered without the direct connection to autism itself. No matter what, their use of this meme is disparaging everyone with social disorders.

As someone with real social disorders(who has never even owned a fedora) I find it hilarious because I can only imagine what the feminist response would be if anyone made fun of a condition suffered mostly by females, like anorexia. Can you imagine the feminist outrage if there was a large movement of people actively making fun of anorexia? I sometimes think feminists are physically incapable of not being hypocrites.

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2 responses to “Feminism and Fedoras”

  1. navigator1965 says :

    Gender narcissism. Sense of entitlement. Lack of empathy. Grandiosity. Classic narcissistic traits.

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