Don’t Be THAT Feminist


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2 responses to “Don’t Be THAT Feminist”

  1. tarnishedsophia says :

    I look at what happens between mainstream MRAs and Feminists, and just shake my head in wonder. Both parties say they want equal rights, both say they want to end strict/unfair gender roles, both say that they don’t hate the opposite sex…But why do I not see any truth to these claims? If each side truly wanted this, why couldn’t they work together to make these things come true?

    As an egalitarian, I am neutral. I can see where MRAs are coming from, even when I disagree with what half of the bloggers say. Same goes for Feminists, especially the radical ones. It’s frustrating to see so many good ideas go to waste just because people’s ideological differences preclude them from working together to actually achieve REAL LIFE changes. It’s like 95% of people just want to be “keyboard warriors”…

    • reyeko says :

      Feminists work from a frame work of patriarchy theory, the idea of males being uniquely privileged over women, and other lesser theories such as rape culture. Patriarchy theory and their conception of privilege prevents logical thought, any questioning becomes victim blaming or misogyny or rape apology or what have you.
      CAFE’s talk where this image came from was about ‘intersectional dialogue’ basically meaning about saying ‘both misogyny and misandry are wrong and both need addressed’ it was met with… well this image. The thing about keyboard warriors is that the majority of feminists who are not like the ones at UofT are less than keyboard warriors, they’re just people who say they’re feminists because they think the dictionary definition is accurate and they lend credibility to the multitude of organizations which clearly have no interest in equality.
      MRAs can’t work with the ‘rational’ feminists because they’re not the ones working in universities gender studies departments, they’re not the ones running the national organization for women, they’re not the ones affecting law, they’re not the ones in government.
      Lise Gotell the gender studies professor at University of Alberta calls the message that ‘false accusation are wrong’ ‘rape apology’, another gender studies professor from Australia was a contributor to RadFemHub. Listen to the Voice of Europe with Lucian Valsan on AVfM radio and hear about the crazy shit feminists have been doing in Europe. The actual movement of feminism is not something that should be worked with even if most feminists are good people.

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