Brad Casey of on the UofT Protest

Brad Casey of has written an article about the feminist protest at UofT entitled “We went to a men’s rights lecture”, the sub title is “and we discovered that they’re a bunch of losers”. so we know where this is going.

the first paragraph is a history of the three lectures at UofT written in the most biased language you can imagine and then this comment:

“CAFE takes aim at feminism with misleading information and careful rhetoric, barely ever using the word “feminist” itself.”

I point this out because everything else in the article is hyperlinked except this very specific claim about CAFE.

“who are A Voice For Men and why do they care about Canada? AVFM is run by a man named Paul Elam and provides a forum for vitriolic hatred against women and feminists. The website was once labeled a hate site by virus software Norton Symantec, which may have been a mistake—but isn’t completely unjust. Their coverage of CAFE organized events includes extensive videos and articles about the Toronto lectures with a focus on painting event protesters as violent, loudmouth, radical feminists whose goal is to destroy the rights of men. They’ve even gone so far as to post an entire article on one of the protesters featuring her full name, a picture of her face with the word “bigot” below, as well as screen shots of her Facebook and Twitter posts. They also added this girl to, a website AVFM own in which they name women they allege to be bigots (whatever that means) and “female rapists,” the majority of which are women accused of or found guilty of statutory rape. The website is less about men’s rights and more about anti-feminist ideas—and the imaginary monsters which those ideas create.”

This whole paragraph is a bucket of fun, he’s trying to paint AVFM as being in the wrong but go read the articles, watch the videos and all AVFM has done is report on the actions of the protestors accurately. He goes on to mention that AVFM has identified some of the protestors and published their name along with statements they’ve made on publicly available accounts on social networking sites, as if identifying people is wrong in every case, but when people are committing crimes at protests, bragging about it online and making all kinds of hateful statements is it still wrong? or is it just reporting? for instance is Mr. Casey in the wrong for identifying Paul Elam and later in the article Iain Dwyer?

“I spoke with Toronto’s own CAFE board member and spokesperson Iain Dwyer. I asked him about the alleged association between CAFE and AVFM. He told me that although he is aware of AVFM, has spoken with website owner Paul Elam, and has been a speaker on one of their radio shows—CAFE is not directly associated with AVFM. He claimed he didn’t agree with what AVFM was doing in relation to the lectures CAFE organized.”

what he doesn’t agree with is the identifying of some of the protestors which he explained on the radioshow, he apparently wants to foster a dialogue between men’s rights groups and these feminists. By being a vague as possible as to what Mr. Dwyer said Mr. Casey has attempted to defame AVFM by misrepresenting the statement.

“Aside from any alleged association with AVFM, CAFE, while framing itself as a human rights group, presents arguments for men’s issues in a deceivingly meticulous way. For example, in a CAFE newsletter they claim that suicide rates in Canada are higher for men than they are for women, which is true. Yet they don’t mention that suicide attempts by women are three to four times higher”

~80% of suicide victims being men, meaning ~80% of the dead bodies are men makes it an issue for men, the failed attempts by women allow them to get help and be rehabilitated, you can’t help a dead body.

“The protesters did their job, interrupting the lecture by pulling the fire alarm and delaying it temporarily.”

protesters did their job by committing a felony in an attempt to stifle free speech, how noble of them.

“When I walked into the lecture I was under the impression that CAFE, AVFM and men’s rights activists are something that we in the media should not give attention by discussing because their ideas—since they’re really dumb. However, actually going to one of their lectures, I saw the growing presence of CAFE as a growing problem in Toronto, and the rest of Canada, that needs addressing. Men’s issues are important, and if people want to talk about them they should. We should be able to openly discuss aggression in men, male sexuality, cultural expectations, justice issues, et al. But groups like AVFM, CAFE and the speakers they schedule serve only to promote anti-feminist ideas and hatred of women at a time when rape and sexual abuse against women is a pervasive, cultural problem that requires immediate addressing.”

throws a bone that men have issues, then basically claims everyone talking about these issues are idiots and shouldn’t talk about them. Also, “at a time..[rape,rape,rape]” except that the rates of such crimes have been going down steadily for decades. Also, he didn’t present any real evidence of any hatred of women or evidence that the criticisms of feminism were wrong. Again also, “all” they do is promote anti-feminist ideas and hatred of women? This guy claims to have actually attended the lecture and that’s ALL they do? Seriously?

And that concludes my getting seriously irked by what is basically a propaganda article defaming men’s rights groups and deciding to do a bit of a rant on it.

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