Response: 10 Ways Men Can Combat Sexist Entitlement in Public

Jamie Utt wrote an article on “” titled “10 Ways Men Can Combat Sexist Entitlement in Public“, this is my response:

“1. Don’t Act Like the World is Your Living Room, and Call Out Men Who Do”
call out ‘men’ who do? Let’s see their explanation for this:
“This one’s simple. Be aware of the physical space you take up in public: on trains, in coffee shops, at the library, on airplanes.”
so apparently it’s only men who do this or at least a majority men. they are basing this off personal experience I suppose so lets go through my personal experience with people inefficiently using space in public:
Buses: women with huge oversized strollers taking up 4 seat spaces then taking the child out of the stroller sitting it on a seat making it 5 then sitting on a seat them selves instead of standing behind their stroller making it 6 seats to ONE woman. Women and girls not standing up for the elderly or disabled, the only other people I see not stand up are teenage boys.
Shopping spaces: walk into the door and stand directly in the doorway for a few seconds looking around blocking anyone else from getting in, I have only ever seen women do this. Huge over sized strollers again. Taking shopping carts even when only buying a couple items(I work retail I notice these things).
That’s the only situations where I’ve noticed a large gender disparity in the behaviour, other forms of stupid use of space seems gender neutral.

“2. Using Your Voice: Step Up and Step Back”
oh god, they’re seriously trying to claim men are too loud in public. Only men or at least almost only men.
Do I even need to refute this? I work retail(as mentioned before) so I see literally hundreds of people every day. Women are the majority of loud talkers. Men are typically reserved and quiet in my store with the only exception being teenagers. I take the bus to get to work and this trend stays true.

“3. Work to End Street Harassment”
I would but I happen to never see it. Ever.

“4. Refuse to Use Sexist Language, and Call Out Men Who Do”
Saying ‘bitch’ and calling women hysterical is their gripe here. How about dick, prick, cock and calling men creepy? Not a problem if it’s done to men? Hypocrite.
Another problem they have is with men using over sexualized language and gestures which objectify women. There was a video a while ago where a man stuffed his trousers so that he had a nice large bulge and had a hidden camera which recorded womens reactions to this bulge. Lots of objectifying gestures by women there. Typical feminist tactic of taking ‘bad’ human behaviour and applying it only to men.

5. Keep Your Clothes On
Slut Walk, Femen. Not to mention Bikini’s, short shorts and other tiny revealing clothing that would be entirely unacceptable for men to wear no matter how hot is was outside.

6. Be Publicly Trans*-Inclusive
no. I will simply not address such issues in public. “oh but you call people “ma’am” and “sir”, ya and they’ll correct me if I get it wrong, no harm no foul. There are non-trans women who are very masculine and non-trans men who are very feminine, sometimes mistakes are made. Sometimes a biker dude with long hair will be mistaken for a biker chick(similar biking attire makes it hard to tell from behind sometimes) and no one cares if the mistake is made. Only overly sensitive members of the feminist/LGBT community who WANT to feel like victims care.
The best response I have heard from a man mistaken for a woman was “did you think I was hot?”

7. Demonstrate Clear Consent
get this quote: “Ask before you hug someone. Ask before you pick up that little kid or tickle them. Ask before you kiss your partner.”
The only people I have ever seen touch or acknowledge a strangers baby or child are women. Also this is an article about ‘sexist male entitlements’ does that mean only men never ask before kissing their partner? I’ve seen plenty of women walk up to their husbands or boy friends and just kiss them without a word. Once again you’re a hypocrite for not applying these same standards to women.

8. Strive to Be an Ally to Women in Social Spaces
“Ask any woman whether they’ve been groped by a dude on a dance floor and you’ll understand what I mean.”
Women get handsy when drinking too, men don’t typically consider a hand on their bum and major violation worthy of more attention than dismissing them. Oh by the way men AND women respond positively to these things, it’s interesting what you observe when you start looking. Men do those things because women have responded positively to those things before. Women do those things for the same reason. If you don’t want to deal with that then don’t go places where that behaviour is seen as acceptable. I don’t go to bars or clubs because I don’t like the atmosphere of how people behave in those places. Just like some people avoid Dungeons and Dragons sessions because they don’t like that. Bars and clubs are places people go to hook up, therefore sexual expression including some touching is expected from and by both sexes. I’ve had my ass grabbed by women at parties. I have had women tell me that they treat dancing in clubs as “sex with your clothes on”.

“9. Talk About Male Entitlement with Other Men”
No, the problem I see with most of this stuff is people who are not entitled but simply ignorant. Taking up too much space in public? Not because they’re ‘entitled’ but because they don’t even realize that it is an issue. When people are entitled you can tell immediately based on their attitude. The behaviour is people just being ignorant fuckwits. Have you even been blocked by a large group of people who are walking very slowly and taking up the entire hallway? I call that the great wall of stupid. Proof that they aren’t being entitled is when you say “excuse me” they clear a path for you.

“10. Talk to Boys and Young Men About Male Entitlement in Age-Appropriate Ways”
Okay and here is where this person demonstrates their absolute bigotry towards men and boys:
“Obviously telling a 5 year old that he is expressing “sexist entitlement to girls’ bodies” when he pushes over that little girl to take the tricycle she is riding isn’t going to help anything.”
A 5 year old expressing entitlement to girls bodies? Seriously? First off boys and girls push each other over and take things. Secondly you’re applying sexual connotations to the behaviour of 5 year olds. That is fucked up on so many levels. You are so deep in ideological thinking that you see the behaviour of 5 year old boys as entitled, sexist and sexual? They have no fucking concept of sex to be able to act in a sexual manner or discriminate based on sex and ALL 5 year olds are entitled, they don’t yet have the cognitive ability to not consider themselves the center of everything.

“When I think of what it looks like to talk to young boys about entitlement, I think of a story my friend likes to tell about his professor. While over at the professor’s house for dinner, his 4 year old son hit his older sister.

The professor pulled his son aside and asked the boy, “What’s the most important thing about being a man?”

The little boy, embarrassed, said, “Being gentle.” Brilliant.”
You act as if that is not the norm of society, every boy is brought up being taught not to hit girls. What did that sister do to make a 4 year old want to hit her? Never even entered your mind did it? She is female therefore a victim of males and nothing more, she does not act, she is only acted upon. That is objectification. That is feminism in a nut shell.
If the most important thing about being a man is being gentle then what is the most important thing about being a woman? Oh wait applying such a thing to women is sexist gender roles, smash the patriarchy and such. right?

“No, not all men will act upon the ways we’ve been socialized to feel entitled by committing murder, intimate partner violence, child abuse, or sexual violence, but yes all women and all children have to deal with the consequences of male entitlement and its close connection to violence.”
Most murder is committed by men against men however that ignores the fact that a huge portion of that murder is inspired by women, for example:
Intimate partner violence is committed equally by both genders, are women socialized to be violent too or are you just full of shit?
The majority of child abuse is committed by women.

“yes all women and all children have to deal with the consequences of male entitlement and its close connection to violence”
Men’s violence often comes from womens entitlement to use men as proxies to dish violence out on their behalf:

Prosecutor wants to take pictures of boys penis

So this is ANOTHER case of teens sexting and the police and judicial system just completely misapplying the law. A 15 year old girl and a 17 year old boy were sending pictures to each other, the girls mother instead of reacting like a reasonable adult and speaking to her daughter, the boy, the boys parents or any such thing she decided to call the police. The police instead of reacting like reasonable adults decide that instead of not charging an underage individual with ‘manufaturing child pornography’ for taking pictures of themselves bring the full force of the law down on this boy(and only the boy, the girl taking pictures of herself and possessing pictures of him isn’t a crime apparently). Then we get into the real bullshit, if the previous shit wasn’t bullshit enough.

The prosecutor on the case wants to bring the boy into the hospital, inject him with something to force erection and then have police take photographs of his erect penis. When the prosecutor brought such a request to a judge the judge apparently found it reasonable and granted the warrant.

Let’s take a look at two hypothetical situations and see which seems more like sexually predatory behaviour:

Situation 1: teens in a consenting relationship send pictures of themselves to each other.

Situation 2: Adults force a boy to take an injection which forces erection so that they can take pictures of his genitals against his will. He cannot refuse due to the threat of violence.

Which situation is more predatory? Which situation has the potential for trauma? Do I even need to say any more? Should I have to say anything?
These are laws meant to protect children, being applied in such a way that forces a child to go through the very sort of trauma that the law is meant to prevent.

Contact Those Involved:

Prosecutor Claireborne Richardson (AKA, The “Legal” Child Pornographer)
Phone: (703) 792-6050
Fax: (703) 792-7081

Paul B. Ebert — Commonwealth’s Attorney for Prince William County (703) 792-6050 //

Douglas W. Keen — Manassas Chief of Police (703) 257-8000 //

D.E. Abbott — Manassas Police “Internet Crimes Against Children” (703) 257-8042 //

Samantha Allen – Online Harassment and Women in Tech

So Samantha Allen flipped her shit that a gaming journalism site hired two new employees and both were DUNDUNDUN white males.


The internet as it does went ahead and called bullshit on this bullshit and princess Samantha quickly jumped into victim mode.
Then something awesome happened:
Someone she had harassed and actually tried to do real world harm to responded, politely and nicely.

So much for that whole “women are harassed online because of misogyny” thing, eh?

Then there’s this:

It seems people have wised up to these feminists who complain about no women in X, Y or Z. Why would there be women in those places if you, a woman refuse to go into those places? There is no guarantee that any woman even applied for the job at all. The retail job I work at we get about one resume from a guy for every 20 from women. I’m one of two guys working there, not because of sexism but because of the available pool of potential employees.
There is a video by Christina Hoff Sommers that touches on this subject: The real reason there aren’t more women in science

MRAs and Feminists Responses to Each Others Events

Men’s Rights Edmonton likes to go to feminists events to record what the feminists are saying and spreading their message. Every time they issue the same warning “anyone who interrupts this event is our enemy”
Their most recent video regarding this sort of thing:

Feminists response to MRA events on the other hand has been quite different. Violence, threats, censorship, bullying, pulling fire alarms, the list goes on.
Feminists most recent example of this is their threats against the venue that the international conference on men’s issues is going to be held at. More information on that:

So to recap:

Feminists event: MRAs say “we want to come and spread your message to the masses! Oh and by the way if anyone disrupts this event you are our enemy.”
MRA event: Feminists say “We will kill you, we will kill the employees of the venues you’re going to be at, we will kill the guests who happen to be there at the time.”

Powerful PSA Might Change The Way You See Domestic Violence

Man violent towards woman: “what the hell is wrong with you.”

Woman violent towards man: “HAHAHAHAHA”

The video ends with “40% of domestic violence is suffered by men”, that’s 40% in a culture which has those reactions. If our culture had the same reaction to violence regardless of gender how much higher would that number be? How much is hidden behind a narrative which puts shame on men for being abused and shame on men for defending themselves? How much is the number of abused women inflated due to a narrative of victimized women and violent men?

Pervasive Misandry and the Lack of Sympathy for Males

Misandry is extremely pervasive and everyone knows it, I refuse to believe that anyone, anywhere doesn’t see it and notice it and experience it. This belief is often reinforced when I watch TV shows. How do TV shows reinforce this? Some subtle thing showing misandry perhaps? No, it’s overt admission of a misandric society that doesn’t care about the suffering of males, even 11 year old boys.


The TV show “Broadchurch” starring David Tennant provided a prime example.(spoiler alert) The first season, the fourth episode at about 22 minutes in. A reporter is speaking to the family about why the media has not picked up the story of the murder of a 11 year old boy. She explains that he doesn’t fit the profile. What is that profile? Female. She then goes on to explain how they can get the media to pick the story up so that anyone with possible information might be able to come forward. The way to do this is to get the mother to explain the hardship that she is going through.

Society doesn’t care about young boys being murdered. The only way to get society to care is to show that it has harmed the mother. Admitted in a mainstream show. This isn’t the only time such admissions have happened. It won’t be the last. It happens all too frequently in real life as well: Autistic Boy Tortured, Mother Most Affected

Response: society and the creation of misogyny and misandry

This is in response to : society and the creation of misogyny and misandry


“Society: Were you wearing revealing clothing when you were raped?”
In other words: your provocative attire provoked attention. Other people should note that and know how to behave as to not garner attention from criminals, just as children learn to keep money out of sight in public. If you want to dress provocatively stay aware of your surroundings and keep yourself out of danger, just like how children learn to look both ways before crossing the street, that isn’t blaming children for getting hit by cars.

“Society: Were you alone when you were raped?”
In other words: Being alone puts people at risk for victimization, other people should take note of that and learn how to avoid victimization, not just of rape.

“Society: Were you drunk when you were raped? “
In other words: impairing your mind and body by consuming drugs or alcohol makes you vulnerable and puts you at risk, not just of rape, people should be aware of this and drink responsibly.

“Society: Did you fight back when you were raped? “
In other words: did you defend yourself from attack?

This is actually asked because of post-sex removal of consent, in other words consenting to sex and then regretting it , the question “did you fight back” is basically in response to a he said/she said thing where he says she consented and she says she didn’t but apparently gave no sign that she didn’t or changed her mind at some point or whatever. If feminists spent a little less time fear mongering women might not be too afraid to speak up and there wouldn’t be ambiguous situations like this as often.

“Society: Bitch, Cunt, pussy, whore, and slut are all socially acceptable insults. “
In other words: society has a problem with sex, it’s a relic of our past when promiscuity was actually severely punished and sex was seen as dirty and shameful. Feminists have essentially rewritten history here and built the myth that it was always acceptable for men to be promiscuous but not women, but in reality there was a good deal of ass kicking of ‘dishonorable men’, this is seen today in a relic from our past of fathers or older brothers intimidating boyfriends and/or threatening them if they ever do something to hurt her.
Also Pig, Dick, Cock, man-whore, etc…, feminists sure do love their one sided approach to things

“Society: When a girl gets raped and there is a picture taken, it is perfectly natural to call her a slut.”
To put that in less loaded terms: if a picture gets taken of someone engaging in sexual behaviour they are a slut!

It’s only rape if she didn’t consent to engage in that sexual behaviour and you can’t ascertain that from a picture, you don’t assume someone is being robbed if you see a picture of them handing money to someone else(unless there is an obvious sign suggesting it like a gun pointed at them or something). A few notorious cases in the past few years come to mind, some of which were rape and some of which were only claimed to be rape after the fact to restore the reputation such as the recent case at Ohio University where a video was taken of the women smiling and pulling the mans head towards her crotch as he performed oral on her and after the video was released she claimed rape. Rape despite feminists fear mongering is an extremely rare crime, if you consider it in terms of percentage of the total number of sexual acts performed then you’re looking at a very tiny percentage and therefore people don’t assume rape to have occurred just from seeing an image. To be honest there have been fucked up cases where it was obviously rape like steubenville but to be honest again that’s the only case where I’ve heard of something like this where it has been completely obvious.

“Society: If a girl is raped, she must have provoked it somehow. “

This is purely a strawman representation of previous arguments wherein the real argument is that steps should be taken to ensure your own safety. For some reason rape is the only crime where this is seen as problematic, it’s not victim blaming to have police officers wear bullet proof vests is it? Stop blaming police for getting shot! Blame criminals for shooting them! Oh wait… Police protect themselves from getting injured AND we punish people for trying to injure them? That’s crazy we definitely don’t do that with rape! I mean it’s not like rape is a crime or anything….

“Society: Nice ass, you look sexy, etc. are all acceptable compliments to a woman. “

What she doesn’t seem to note is men are said to have nice asses too, also they are told they are sexy too. By women no less. Once again feminists only see one side of a coin. Also the reason it appear more frequent for men to say these things to women is because society expects men to make the move and deal with rejection, some men play the odds and will talk to many women every day in this manner and will eventually find success from time to time. Harassment is repeated behaviour towards and individual from an individual, feminists have redefined harassment to mean “any time someone says something I dont like” OR “anytime someone I don’t like says something to me”

“Society: Beautiful, pretty, sexy, fuckable etc. are the best compliments a woman can get. “

The best compliment you can get is determined by your own personal values, if someone called me ‘beautiful’ I might like that they find me attractive but it’s not the best compliment I could get and for many women I know telling them that it is the best compliment they can get would be considered an insult. Also for almost every woman I know being called “fuckable” would be taken as an insult and it would be considered something entirely rude to say to a woman by pretty much every man I know too. I don’t know where these feminists live or who they associate with but they seem to live in an entire different universe.

“Society: It is natural for men to wolf-whistle and call “compliments” after a woman, slap her ass, etc. “
whistling and calling are products of the system wherein men take all the risk of rejection and have to be the ones to put themselves out there. Slapping a random woman’s ass is a quick way to get just about everyone in the vicinity angry with you if not violent towards you, certain environments this might be different(I don’t go to clubs and such) but in general it is not acceptable in any way.

“Society: There is nothing wrong with the wage gap. “

Society will not shut up about how problematic the wage gap is, the people who say otherwise say it isn’t actually a wage gap it’s a wage difference based on a variety of factors.

“Society: It is not ok to protest sexism. “

This is why feminism exists in every university in the western world and there are entire government organizations dedicated to protesting sexism(against women of course) and countless charities and non profits which receive billions in donations to fight sexism(against women of course)


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